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postpartum healing starts here

Childbirth Education and Placenta Encapsulation

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Here at Roots Birth Services we want to help make your postpartum transition an easy one. We offer professional placenta encapsulation designed to support your postpartum healing, so you can focus on the joy.


We also offer postpartum herbal blend capsules for those who cannot or do not wish to consume their placenta. To find out more about our process for each, please click here 


Welcome and congratulations!

benefits of encapsulating your placenta

It can help with

Why Naturopathy
Homeopathy eco alternative medicine concept - classical homeopathy pills, thuja, eucalyptu
Mood and Mental Health

Provides hormone support in the days and weeks after birth when hormones are fluctuating wildly.

May decrease the incidence and/or severity of post partum mood disorders. 

Increased Energy

Placenta pills are full of energy boosting vitamins, minerals and hormones that can help give you the energy to make it through those hazy sleepless newborn days (and nights)

Replenish Iron Stores

Anaemia is very common in the postpartum. The placenta is rich in hemoglobin and iron to help prevent anaemia and replenish iron stores. It's also energy boosting.

Increased Milk Supply

Placenta pills contain an abundance of lactation promoting hormones such as Prolactin and Human Placental Lactogen which stimulate the mammary glands and increases milk production. Increased milk supply is the number one reason many of my clients choose to encapsulate.

Promotes Healing

A cocktail of hormones present in the placenta work together to reduce and/or shorten postpartum bleeding and pain, resulting in faster healing.

Reduces Stress

Hormone support helps to reduce stress and anxiety, because we have enough of those things as a parent. It may also reduce sleep disturbances and insomnia, meaning better, restful sleep. 



Placenta Encapsulation
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Childbirth Ed. Classes
Herbal Blend 


"Brittney was so amazing to work with and I'm so grateful for her promptness, cleanliness, support, and love. So grateful she could encapsulate my placenta and that I could benefit from her services."

— Adrienne W. 

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