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Postpartum Herbal Blend

Our postpartum herbal blend is crafted for those who cannot, or do not wish to, encapsulate their placenta. We use only certified vegan capsules along with certified organic herbs to create this restorative  blend. 

100 capsules - $40 |  200 capsules - $60 | 300 capsules - $80

Image by Jiawen Liu
Herbal Remedies


This herbal blend recipe was passed down to me by an experienced midwife with a background in herbal medicine. It was formulated with the postpartum mother in mind. It contains:​​

  • Ashwagandha - This restorative herb helps to rebuild physical strength and vitality. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to promote milk production. It's immune protecting and its loaded with antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals. 

  • Lemon Balm - This calming herb helps to relieve stress, eases insomnia, and boost your overall mood. It boosts the immune system by being naturally anti-viral and anti-microbial.

  • Nettle Leaf - This supportive herb helps to relieve fluid retention and helps to strengthen and support the adrenal and cardiovascular systems. May help reduce the size/appearance of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It also helps to boost milk supply.

  • Ginger Root - Ginger root is known for its ability to calm the digestive system, but it has even more restorative and healing properties. Ginger root is  a powerful galactagogue (stimulates milk production) as well as being naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-viral

  • Passion flower - This herb may help with anxiety, insomnia and stress thanks to its calming and relaxing properties, while also being non-drowsy

  • Yellow Dock - This detoxifying herb supports the liver as well as the immune  and digestive system. This powerful prebiotic is packed with iron and it helps to balance blood sugar . Most notably, this herb may help to provide detox support to those with an MTHFR gene mutation. Its also naturally hormone balancing.

  • Moringa - Moringa is an anti-inflammatory superfood rich in calcium, iron, protein, potassium, zinc + vitamins A, B and C.  This well known galactagogue helps to boost milk production, replenishes lost nutrients, promote hair growth, and support the digestive system.  

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